The Cost of Records In Distro

In recent years record prices have been steadily rising and I hear people moaning about the cost of records, ya I get it ain’t cheap buying records when I started doing distro most records were €8.00 and max €10 now lower priced records are about €12.00 so where do these ‘extortionate’ prices come from. I thought I would give an idea to you on how I ran/run distro.

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Fatum – Edge Of The Wild LP Out This Friday

This release has been in the works for a very long time so long I stopped doing distro in between, but these things happen and this is such a great record I am delighted it gets to see the light of day. Fatum Edge of the Wild 12″ is out this Friday 27th of September.

Fatum are veterans in the Russian scene with their heavily acclaimed ‘Life Dungeons’ LP being one of the most punishing albums of 2015 taking the sub-genre crust punk world by storm along with extensive touring of Europe, Canada and Japan in the wake of the release. Fatum are back on the hunt with their “Edge of the Wild” LP which seen streaming of the LP in 2018 and a long awaited vinyl release in 2019.

There is a limited pressing on beer coloured vinyl and normal pressing on black vinyl, the coloured pressing is extremely limited.  

Russian based FATUM despite their existence since 2010, they hark back to a period of time of the ground breaking crust/death metal of the 80’s championing their hulking sound, which bears proud worship to Motörhead, Venom, and early Celtic Frost. This is the sound that was pioneered many years ago and few bands in recent years, can nail this thrashy punk/metal sound with many still turning to the original bands mongered stenchcore, this was the sound that was usually reserved to describe the heaviest of the crust sub-genre Sacrilege, Extinction of Mankind and Deviated Instinct. Fatum have earned their patches and nailed the title of stenchcore one very few earn in this modern age of music.

Released by Distro-y, Black Against Night, Headnoise, Insane Society,Konton Crasher, Monolith,

Just to let people know the distro is closed pretty much for a year as have a lot on my plate and could not focus on distro and I tried to clear out as much stock as I could by putting on one last sale but as the distro and label were still active as I made this decision pretty much over night. Lots of items kept arriving into distro and other packages still keep arriving even months after the distro has ceased being active the webshop is still open and I still have 100s of different titles sitting on shelves. All orders will still be shipped out there is just no new stock coming in unless it is a new Irish release until 2020.

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Brexit Distro – DIY Punk For The UK

Today sees Boris Johnson becoming the soon to be prime minister of Great Britain which puts the possibility of the UK crashing out of the European Union at a high possibility.

So with the possibility of customs charges being placed on punk coming into and out of the UK. It raises a big problem for punk and vinyl fans in the UK and European fans of UK punk that each imported record could face customs charges. Something everyone dreads when ordering records from outside their country. Well I know I do. So what to do????

Fortunately for all of you punk and vinyl fans in the UK and European fans of UK punk Distro-y is placed in the North West of Ireland a place that normally would not impact the punk scene but due to our close allocation to the UK border, Northern Ireland only 35mins drive. We will be able to post within the UK getting rid of those nasty custom charges for all you UK punks and we will take those UK records out of the UK and post them into Europe so nobody has to pay customs. We will be able to cross the border due to something called the Irish backstop.

Distance for Distro-y to the UK

Of course, this is all speculation and border checks may be introduced and things will go back to the time of the troubles and smuggling will be the only way for the UK punks to get the records. Of course we won’t be the only ones smuggling across the border as there will be plenty more people smuggling drink, drugs, cigarettes, and diesel over and back and we might have to dress up like the front cover of Disguise last 7″

Of course, we have recently wound down the distro for a short time due to other reasons but if everything goes tits up and the UK crashes out of the EU and customs are implemented we will be the DIY work around. We will over labels in and out of the UK a DIY solution to this stupid problem.
So UK punks don’t worry Distro-y Distro will look after you!!!!

You can find our online distro or whats left of it here:

Running Costs

So in the last post I said I wanted to explain how I ran Distro-y and give you a look into how it was run and I continue to run it. I look it as a hobby I do just like posting punk news on D-Beat Beater and doing BJJ another hobby of mine. Some hobbies cost more than others. So I wanted to give people who care a look into what are the running cost of Distro-y and how I do stuff and why I do it as maybe a way for people to learn and make others think.

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This Is Distro-y

Distro-y has been a pretty much a one man operation from distro to label to whatever else has came out of it, which includes other webzine, sub-label a few bits of gig/tour promotion. This is what I do as a hobby and enjoy doing most of the time, a few years ago I said ‘fuck it’ and sold off the distro and 6 months label came back refreshed and more eager than ever.

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