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September 2, 2021

So a while ago we started Absurd Merch, with the aim of supplying the metal/hardcore scene with merch, we are looking to work more closely with band rather than offering a merch production service and are now expanding it into a record label. For those unfamiliar with Absurd Merch we had previously been working with a lot of bands in the Irish metal scene printing merch and selling and fulfilling orders through Distrotable.com our online distro.

What’s the difference between Absurd and Distro-y? Absurd will work like a sub-label and is part of Distro-y but it is aimed at more metal focuses scene that may not exactly fit into what fans of Distro-y would expect. Expect Absurd to release bands similar to those worked with on merch but expect vinyl.

The first release is lined up and news will follow in the next month or two. Second and further releases are also in the works but more details will follow. There will be Absurd merch all information on all Absurd releases and promo will be available through the Distro-y website and all releases will be available in our store Distrotable.com

For those of you concerned about Distro-y we still have releases in the works with one release currently at pressing as it has been since January and more releases in the works some recorded and nearly ready to go .

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