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Distrotable Update: 02/20/2020: Arrivals from D-Takt & Rapunk

February 13, 2020

Recent additions to distro from D-Takt & Rapunk from Sweden

One of the most anticipated reissues Bombanfall Åsiktsfrihet 7″ came out on 1/Feb and is already sold out from D-Takt & Rapunk who released this classic of Swedish hardcore, Nervous SS 14 tracks of d-beat noise from the first balkan mangel act. Sex Dwarf bring a another earshredding LP from the noisy mangel masters also in is their split with the ever prolific 偏執症者 (Paranoid) who is due to come to Ireland and the UK in June along side Absolut whose Hells Highest Power 12″ has been restocked into the distro along side  Martyrdöd – ELDDOP LP and SVAVELDIOXID – Dödsögonblick which have both been missing from the distro for a while pick them up while you can.

Update (13/02/2020) Bombanfall Åsiktsfrihet 7″ is sold out from Distrotable.com

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