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January 20, 2015

  • 1. Dead Air (Rosberg)
  • 2. Suburbia Nervosa
  • 3. Malediction II
  • 4. Power Trip
  • 5. Enter The Crownado
  • 6. Better Off Dead
  • 7. Guilt Trip
  • 8. Earth Won't Listen
  • 9. Malediction I
  • 10. Death Crownado


Distro-y Records unveil their latest upcoming release after a number of months of silence Distro-y brings forth moshing hardcore outfit CROWS, hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Having previously released a devastating cassette demo followed by a 7" split-record with Dublin sludge-hardcore masters Drainland. CROWS will release their latest offering 'Better Off Dead' recorded with Cian Murphy at Windmill Lane and mastered by Enormous Door Studios.

This five piece murder of CROWS generate an anger and power through a beatdown rhythm that is ripped through by metallic riffs and filled with lyrical angst and frustration. That is hardcore true and true. Somewhere between early Undertow and Trash Talk. Catchy and filled with utmost power.

Their incoming ten track is a concept which is based on the types of people who played a role both big and small in the degradation and collapse of Irish societal values and cultural identity, and as a result are 'Better off Dead'. Bankers, socialites, overpaid broadcasters, corrupt politicians, property developers and so on. With CROWS never afraid of speaking out (offensive merchandise) 'Better Off Dead' may stir up more emotions.

To some up CROWS as Kunal (Superfi) put it "I heard the singer moshed through a wall, so I knew I had to release it". Whats left to be said.