• 1. Intro // Chaos Squad
  • 2. Egna Ben
  • 3. Down The Drain
  • 4. Forever Stoked
  • 5. Interlude
  • 6. Framtiden
  • 7. Arbetarjävel
  • 8. Mera
  • 9. Absolution
  • 10. Luard


Swedish anarcho-punk upstart CRUTCHES is set to release its debut full-length, LUARD, on Ireland imprint DISTRO-Y RECORDS in March 2014. The ten-track LP, the follow-up to 2012's equally devastating 7” EP D-Beat Tsunami, is a raw, pounding hardcore assault that leaves these Swedes wearing the d-beat crown.

Since forming in 2010, Norra Grängesbergsgatan, Malmö's CRUTCHES has quietly assembled the crown jewels of the d-beat genre, precluding the release of Luard with an impressive demo cassette and the much-acclaimed D-Beat Tsunami 7" in October 2012 and whetting the appetites of punk and crust fans worldwide.