• 1. Scourage
  • 2. Mouth Of The Furnace
  • 3. Dead Streets
  • 4. Feast Of Flies
  • 5. Drown Them In Their Blood
  • 6. Moloch
  • 7. Freedom Annihalation//Beast of Waste

DY019: Putrefaction – Blood Cult LP

Ireland's Putrefaction come forth with their vinyl debut 'Blood Cult LP', After years of steady gigging Putrefaction arise from the depths to unleash the follow up to their 'Destroyers' demo released way back in 2007, unleashing a full length LP of absolute 'Mad Max' styling crust. Putrefaction barrel down upon you like a crushing ton weight of noise that can only be compared to that of a post apocalyptic crust world, that trundles through the ashes. Gurgling vocals that yield behind a metallic sound of gear changing guitars and galloping D-beating war drums. For fans of Skitsystem, Repulsion, Hellshock and Death Strike. LP mastered by Enormous Door Recordings