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FATUM To Embark On Two Tours This September!!

Russia crust maniacs FATUM are embarking on two tour and have a new track to share with you Read more

United Bottles To Release LP On Distr-Oi! Records

We are delighted to announce we will teaming up with United Bottles to help release their album “The Spirit and the Legacy” on vinyl, With the release of the album on CD on the 7th July 2017, but due to high demand for a vinyl release we are really excited to be helping with the vinyl release. Read more

RATS BLOOD New 7″ Coming Out Soon

RATS BLOOD have emerged to offer up some more ugly mutant punk. The new 7″ titled ‘UGLY’, which is out later this summer will contain 6 tracks of DBX punk from one of Irelands finest punk outfits. The first track has been unleashed and is titled ‘Meatheads’

RATS BLOODS Scandi influenced hardcore raw aggressive hardcore that will leave blisters on your ear drums and with pummeling drums to boot your cauliflower ears. You and your ugly ears will be ready to join the Punks Is Mutants crew shouting the anthems of the dark social realities.

Artwork and surprises to come from Two Headed Dog Art(PUTREFACTION, RATS BLOOD, Dowth) Recorded at The Hive by James Eager of Bacchus and Mastered by Enormous Door. ‘UGLY’ will come out on Distro-Y Records, Donnez-Moi Du Feu, Imminent Destruction Records and Phobia Records.


UTANFÖRSKAPET ‎– SKÄRVOR FRÅN LIVET is out now on Distro-y Records on Orange vinyl and black vinyl. Read more

CRUTCHES – EURO TRASH – tour de Eu-rope

CRUTCHES are back on tour again this May as they mangel their way across Europe including Phobia Records Punx Picnic and lots of great gigs including a night with Oi Polloi and a number of gigs with Mob 47 and Paranoid, who are also on tour in Europe at the same time.

CRUTCHES have also just recorded their new LP ‘SÅLD’ which should be out later this year. Make sure you check them out ahead of SÅLD as they make their way through Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Austria and back to Sweden. See dates below:

10 MAY – GER Berlin, KomaF, w/ TBA
11 MAY – CZE Liberec ??, TBC
12 MAY – SVK Bratislava, TBC
13 MAY – UNG Szombathely, w/ Oi Polloi
14 MAY – SRB Novi Sad, Suburbia 021, w/ TBA
15 MAY – CRO Zupanja, MKC
16 MAY – CRO Zagreb, TBA
17 MAY – SLO Ljubljana, w/ Mob 47, Paranoid
18 MAY – AUS – Wien, Venster 99, w/ Mob 47, Paranoid and Desperat
19 MAY – CZE Prague, Punx Picnic – Phobia, w/ Mob 47, Paranoid + more
20 MAY – GER Leipzig, Chemnitz, w Social Decline
21 MAY – SWE Malmö, Plan B, w/ Mob 47 and Paranoid