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Coming out in the not to distant future:CRUTCHES rose from the ashes of Project Hopeless Anarcho Hardcore Punk from Sweden. This A//E political punk unit! CRUCTHES bring a much beloved raw Scandi hardcore sound. Having previously released a demo tape and a 7″ EP ‘D-Beat Tsunami’ which featured a limited edition tour cover of a welded plate of metal which may give them the title of having the most physically heavy and metal release of underground music of all time.lurad

Their raw sound will wash over with a driving d-beat tidal wave. After touring South East Asia with the mighty APPÄRATUS. Bring forth their debut LP entitled ‘Lurad’ a 10- track unrelenting assualt of D-Beat Hardcore that without doubt the Swedes have announced themselves kings of. Crutches plan a US invasion later this year and who knows where else on their d-beat assault on the world. For fans of Anti-Cimex, Kromosom and Warvictims.

For those of you who live in or near Malmo, Sweden CRUTCHES will be doing a release gig for you lucky ducks: More info here

Crutches release gig

For those of you elsewhere and like myself CRUTCHES are playing in Bristol at SUBVERT FEST later this year which I shall be in attendance at and they will do a 4 day UK tour in all.