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CRUTCHES – Lurad 12″ out now!!!

Finally arrived our first release of 2014 and what a release:

Crutches – Lurad 12″ LP
Swedish anarcho-punk upstart CRUTCHES is set to release its debut full-length, LURAD, on Ireland imprint DISTRO-Y RECORDS. The ten-track LP, the follow-up to 2012’s equally devastating 7” EP D-Beat Tsunami, is a raw, pounding hardcore assault that Sweden is the home of hardcore and the kings of D-BEAT

Since forming in 2010, Norra Grängesbergsgatan, Malmö’s CRUTCHES has quietly assembled the crown jewels of the d-beat genre, precluding the release of Lurad with an impressive demo cassette and the much-acclaimed D-Beat Tsunami 7″ in Ocotber 2012 and whetting the appetites of punk and crust fans worldwide.

Featuring artwork designed by amazing Stiv, 500 copies of Lurad will be pressed on on 400 black annd 100 white vinyl featuring a download code and distributed by Distro-y Records.

Order CRUTCHES – Lurad 12″ now:


Crutches have already had a release show on February 28. But plan a short tour of Germany in April, North American fans, fear not: the band is currently planning a U.S. tour for June 2014 with the mighty FRUSTRATION from out of Seattle, playing gigs all down along the West Coast. As well as a UK tour in October.

“Blistering crust punk infected with HM-2 gnarliness, theirs is the kind of hardcore that makes Sweden the D-beat capital of the world.”
– Dreams of Consciousness

“If you like d-beat punk or even if you think you don’t. Have a listen to the sheer profusion and devotion to sound of distortion.”
– Profane Existence

“…the overall aggression and energy from these Swedes is something you can’t help but admire.”
– The Grind That Annoys

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Co-release between Distro-y Records, Not Enough Records, Phobia Records and Rawmantic Disasters