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Crutches / Ursut Tour Start Of July

The mighty manglers Crutches are heading on a short tour with Ursut who recently shared grooves on the new DIS IS MALMÖ 2018 Compilation

Both bands are headed to ‘DIY Punk Hardcore Fest Vol. 14″ in Gydna, Poland and on their joint adventure shall take in the sights of Bremen, Leipzig and Berlin check dates on the poster below. Also playing at DIY Punk Hardcore Fest Vol. 14 are Orphanage Named Earth and Extinction Of Mankind.
we still have copies of all Crutches 12″ releases ‘LUARD‘, ‘FÖRLORAD‘ and ‘SÅLD‘ we also have copies of Ursut second album “Köp Dig Lycklig”also in Distrotable

Commenting on DIS IS MALMÖ 2018 Compilation which was put out by Oskar from Crutches and Ursut’s label Not Enough Records, what doesn’t the guy do, Crutches said the following:

We’ve waited and waited. But it’s finally here!! The majestic D-beat raw punk compilation DIS IS MALMÖ 2018 is finally released by Oskar (Crutches) at Not Enough Records. Our track and main motto MANGELING FOR FREEDOM is on it. Intro spoken word/vocals by our dear Adam O. Enjoy and keep the fires burning!!