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DESTRIERS To Release ‘CYNOSURE’ on Distro-y Records

Dublin Blackened Hardcore newest destroyers DESTRIERS will release their crushing debut “Cynosure” on vinyl later this year.

Destriers released their debut “Cynosure” EP digitally back in December and their brutal intense sounds have been hailed as must a listen earning them spots alongside Belgian Post Hardcore act Oathbreaker & Icelandic / Irish Black Metal act Slidhr. Destriers pound out bleak unrelenting dark sounds.

‘Cynosure’ was produced & mixed by the band in Sun Studios, Dublin in August 2016 & Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseiege (Nails, SunnO))), Converge) adorned in artwork by the Polish Surrealist master Zdzislaw Beksinski out on Distro-y Records and Visions of Warning later this year.

Make sure to catch Destriers as they play with Ilenkus for their (Ilenkus – Hunger EP Release gigs)
April 8: Roisin Dubh, Galway – Ilenkus, REST,
April 9: The Poor Relation, Cork – Ilenkus, Bailer, Horse

See what others have said about Destriers:

“Bellowing and noisy, Dublin’s Destriers remind me every so often of the best whale-heavy hardcore bands that ran alongside the Boston/Hydra Head scene but made their homes in Europe, like Breach. I’ve been waiting for someone new to give this style the old college try, and Destriers do so with gusto
on Cynosure.”


“When Destriers are moving at full speed, the music will tear
you apart limb from limb. When they’re at half-speed, you’ll take a serious
bludgeoning from the top of your skull down to the soles of your feet. And when
they downshift even further, the music becomes utterly bleak and soul-crushing.
Regardless of the pace, the vocals are ugly as sin and as furious as a bull seeing red,
and these demolition jobs also include melodies (and bursts of discordance) that
hang onto you.”


“Destriers operate in generally heavier terrain, occupying a
territory that comes on like some strange mid point between the sheer battery of
modern downtuned metal/hc bands like Trap Them and the more angular riffage of
Coalesce. Thankfully forgoing HM2s and brutality for the sake of it, they have a gift
for compact songwriting and short bursts of intensity that should make waves
locally and hopefully abroad this coming year.”