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  • 07/27/17 - 07/30/17 Okus in Rijeka at No Sanctuary #4
  • 08/19/17 - 08/20/17 GRIT in County Carlow at Groningen Glasgow Ireland Fest 2017
  • 09/01/17 - 09/03/17 GRIT in Bristol at Common Ground Festival

Distro Update 06//01

Just before the christmas a load of records from Havoc Records and D-Takt & Rapunk Records to damn fine labels, so christmas came a little early so I slowly updated the webshop over the xmas. So here is the first update of this year or last update of last year which ever way you want to look at it below you can see what is popular and what I like:
Oh by the way found aload of old MRR from when I used to distribute MRR, I have marked down in price as well.

Skitsystem – Stigmata12″
From Ashes Rise – Nightmares 12″
Kaaos – Risinnaulittu Kaaos 12″
SKITSYSTEM – Enkel Resa till Rännstenen LP
Civil Disobedience – In A Few Hours Of Madness 7″
AUS Rotten -Fuck Nazi Sympathy 7″
Martyrdöd – In Extremis 12″
From Ashes Rise / Victims split 12″
Discharge – Why 12″
Discharge – Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing 12″
Discharge – Never Again 7″
Discharge – State Violence, State Control 7″
Discharge – Realities Of War 7″
Discharge – Decontrol 7″
Discharge – Fight Back 7″

Nuclear Death Terror – Blood Fire Chaos Death (Picture Disc) 12″
GIFTGASATTACK – Moraliskt Förfall LP
Kafka- 8 TRACK LP
Martyrdöd – List LP
Moderat Likvidation – Mammutation 12″

MRR issue 390 Nov 2015
MRR issue 374/July 2014
MRR issue 372/May 2014
MRR issue 371/Apr 2014 The All Columns Issue!
MRR issue 367/Dec 2013
MRR issue 365/Oct 2013.
MRR issue 364/Sept 2013.
MRR issue 363/Aug 2013.
MRR issue 361/Jun 2013.
MRR issue 353/Oct 2012
MRR issue 351/Aug 2012. 30th Anniversary Issue
MRR issue 347/Apr 2012.
MRR issue 344/Jan 2012
MRR issue 343/Dec 2011
MRR issue 341/Oct 2011
MRR issue 340/Sept 2011
MRR issue 339/Aug 2011
MRR issue 337/June 2011
MRR issue 336/May 2011
MRR issue 333/Feb 2011
MRR issue 329-Oct(Fall) 2010

Yu might be best off looking at the covers/features on the webshop:

Other titles:
Electric Funeral – Total Funeral 2x LP
Electric Funeral – Make Noise, Not War

Popular releases this week:
Martyrdöd – List LP


What I have been listening to:
Civil Disobedience – In A Few Hours Of Madness 7″
One of my favourite releases of all time, love the manic crazy vocals in this take a listen yourself.