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Distro-y Update: What is happening…..

One thing I like to do is be as transparent as I see Distro-y as more than just a label but a resource for the Irish DIY community and the global community as a whole to access how you wish to do so. So I like to make people aware of what I am doing in this regard.

So what is happening currently, I have been up to my eyes with life in general (work full time 9-5, have 3 young kids 2,4 and 6) so have let some things slide as well as well as focusing my attention elsewhere as well. So anyway I am going to try and get my ass back into gear a bit and here is how I am going to do it. But before I do that I just want to let you know that we will be also moving to really cool new premises, only 5 mins walk from my house, that we will share with screen printing extraordinaire Pulled, who do all our merch, and is run by Art For Blind Records. follow Distro-y on Instagram to check out the new space and moving joys in the next few weeks.

Ok so what is happening firstly:
Distro-y has aload of releases coming out this includes: Orphanage Named Earth double LP, Karate Club Comp LP, Pozoga 7″ and Flashpoint Cassette and have even more release in the works some of which I am really excited about.
But sadly going to slow things down a bit in terms of releases this is cause I do not have the time to put the effort in doing promo on the releases and I feel I will not do the bands justice.

DISTRO: Expect a separation between label and distro as online distro will get a good kick up the arse, I barely do distro at gig or go to gigs as I live in a place called Sligo its a bit far away from anything and have a young family. So everything is online for me, which is why I call run the distro online as DISTROTABLE.COM and expect a bit of an injection into distrotable over the next while, I am working on a few aspects of this from re-design of the webshop, to bringing more records and highlighting stuff you should check out and also create a kick ass varied distro from Crust – Hardcore – Oi – Metal just remember Ireland is a small country so I try to get in stuff for everyone instead of focusing on just some specific niche D-Beat craze!!

D-Beat Beater: A small blog I do highlighting new releases in punk/crust sometimes it appears as its own thing and other times it appears on Distro-y and recently Distrotable but it is its own website once again. Its something I enjoy doing just telling people ‘Hey you hear this band or that record’ but its more of a blog thing anyway find it here: D-Beat Beater

Absurd Merch: Absurd Merch is a new project I am working on with Chris from Bailer, hardcore band from Cork, the idea is to help bands in metal/hardcore create and supply merch and we currently run it as a section of with all merch being printed by Pulled who we share a premises with.

Distr-Oi Records: The Oi Divison of Distro-y is still on the go expect more news from this soon but this it is just really a moniker for Oi titles on Distro-y.

Jobsworth Records: is pretty much dead unfortunately and I have put all social media as to Distr-Oi for the time being.

So, in brief, expect more activity please like/share our post to help promote this attritional work, Distro-y website will be buzzing again, Distro will become something bigger than ever, D-Beat Beater will continue as I like to do it and watch out for Absurd Merch if you prefer more metal/hardcore stuff. If you happen to have read this far thanks for reading my ramblings and please support the Distro-y project as a whole if you have any questions just ask as I said at the beginning I like to be transparent.