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Karate Klub Comp Run Down (5/18 – Putefaction)

I took the weekend off from the daily posts but am back on it today with number 5/18 on the run down and today its Putrefaction just did a quick run down below. Forall those who order the record so far thank you I am shipping them out today they look fantastic and I hope you appreciate the amount of work the crew from the Karate Klub put into it. Pick up your copy of the compilation at – karate Klub Compilation 12″

Mad Max punk as it is often referred to the gas guzzling crust punk played by Putrefaction. Who are one of the highlights to have reared its head out of the Irish scene and particularly the Karate Klub. They are also the longest running band that features on the compilation. Dating back to 2006, pre-dating the Karate Klub, with their demo ‘Destroyers’ coming out in 2007, appearing as a cassette and CD but still available on bandcamp:

Despite a sparse record history even with the span of Putefaction run time, After that, the trio released a full length LP called ‘Blood Cult’ in 2012 coming out on Distro-y,Undergound Movement (Ireland), Rat Bone(France) and Phobia Records (Czech) which is long sold out check it out here:

The final release to date was ‘Scavenger’ EP which came out in May 2012 to aptly coincide with the latest Mad Max movie although this was not planned. ‘Scavenger’ was alot like the Karate Klub comp 12″, a labour of love, with artwork designed and hand screenprinted by TwoHeaded Dog which is the moniker of Eric from Putrefaction.

Of recent Putrefaction have been quite with members away but we eagerly await the return of Putrefaction and the next release probably when the next Mad Max movie comes out. Members of Putrefaction also feature in Rats Blood, Vena Kava, Sissy and Grit off this compilation.

Pick up your copy of the compilation at – karate Klub Compilation 12″

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