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Karate Klub Comp Run Down (6/18 – The Blow Ins)

I am not lazy I missed two days cause I was busy, but back again with abother run down of a band off the Karate Klub – The Blow Ins. Pick up your copy of the compilation at – karate Klub Compilation 12″

For anyone not familiar with the term ‘blow-in’ we use it in Ireland to describe someone living in an area but not born in the local area. With the Blow Ins all from Poland they aptly fit the description. Formed in September 2014, this post-punk Polish quartet from Dublin, play sounds that bring the likes of The Estranged and Masshysteri to mind as the lyrics are belted out in Polish and they are not the only band on the Karate Klub Compilation who do this being the other Zona Zla.
Their 2015 demo is well worth checking out for anyone a fan of the post punk/death rock/dark wave whatever you want to call it resurgence from a few years ago.

They followed up their demo in 2017 with a full length LP which they self released, I had copies in distro but all gone so hit up the lads and see if they have any left.

The Blow Ins play Nowhere Else Festival this August in Carlow, Ireland and had played the release gig for the compilation if you went to that you might have seen the lads. Members also play In Zona Zla, Pozoga and Electric Bill and the Meter Readers off the Karate Klub Comp. Pick up your copy of the compilation at – karate Klub Compilation 12″

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