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Link are a DIY Crust/Hardcore band from Belgium. Melancholic atmospheres, heavy tunes, dark lyrics, fast riffs and slow epic parts. Add these all up and you get a fairly good impression of the band LINK.

Some compare the music to His Hero Is Gone, other say it sounds like Tragedy and From Ashes Rise. Allthough it’s hard to put a label on the music, they just call it ‘dark and epic crust’. The music is what they like to hear and what they like to play. Without compromises.

The band – started in 1998 – has released since then a series of demotapes, demo cd’s and a split 7” with Raised By Drunks (Sweden). To promote these releases, they’ve been on many tours (Holland – Germany – UK) playing in squats all over.
Since 2008 – and after 6 years of playing with a drumcomputer – the band has a steady line-up and the songwriting became an important aspect, which reflects in the deep and dark overall feel from the new songs. Meanwhile, LINK turned into a standard in the Belgian underground scene. Numerous shows with bands as Tragedy, Martyrdöd, Inepsy, Shades of Grey, Alehammer, Giuda,… and a two week tour through Germany and Denmark (2009) followed.

April 17th of 2010 was a milestone for the band. This was the release of their first full length LP, called ‘Chapter I’. This record is a one-sided LP with on the other side a screenprint. After the release, the band toured through France, Spain and Italy to promote the record.
The LP is a co-production between the band and 6 labels: La Société pue prod (France), Sicksoul Records (Spain), Alerta Antifascista (Germany), Chaos is Ours (Belgium), Rest of Noise (Slovakia) and Counteract Records (France).

January 2011: after more then 12 years doing the vocals in the band, Inge decided to leave the band. She felt it was time to do other things in life… Nevertheless, the others decided to go on as a strong 3-piece. With a lot of new songs written and some new labels that wanted to release the next record, this was no time to quit!

June 2011 will bring you the second full length LP (called Chapter II : Düster) on La Société pue prod (France), Counteract Records (France), Bez-AK47 Records (France), Alliance Records (Italy), Active Rebellion (UK), Halvfabrikat Records (Sweden) and Chaos is Ours (Belgium). A new tour follows to promote Chapter II.

LINK is a band with a clear vision and strong principles. Sexism, racism, fascism, animal abuse, … are signs of these times which they completely dissaprove.
Fueled by a healthy DIY-spirit, LINK strives to do as much as possible by themselves. This reflects in many different ways: from booking their own tours to printing their own shirts and even recording their own tunes.

after 4 years being our bassplayer,Lampe has left the band….

we would like to thank him for all he has done for us in the past and wish him

all the best with all his future plans! rock on buddy!!



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