Having spawned in 2006, Putrefaction, have been an unrelenting force within Crust, their base sound of raw hardcore blended with a harsh crustal death metal sound. The enraged outcome creates a post-apocalyptic sound of chemical wasteland that can surely only be described as ‘Mad Max’ Crust Punk. Fueled by society’s post and modern-day ills, Putrefaction resonate through the scene in line with the sounds of Hellshock and Skitsystem. Despite a sparse record history, with 2007’s punishing ‘Destroyers’ demo followed by their 2012-released ‘Blood Cult’ 12”, the band has earned a punishing name through the sheer power the trio can amass through their thrundling blackened sound which will gain momentum through this upcoming EP and the much anticipated follow up LP to ‘Blood Cult’.

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