Putrefaction Track Streaming // Pre-Orders Up Now

Those wonderful folks over at CVLT Nation have been nice enough to stream one of the four tracks from Putrefactions upcoming EP ‘ SCAVENGER’ which also included an interview with the always supportive Sean Fitzgerald Read more


The Dublin based trio are set to off with their rabid inferno, repellent metallic chainsaw and hardline gravel vocals in an uncontrolled explosion, which will surely appease fiends that are into the death dealing power of the likes Repulsion, Hellshock and Skitsystem. ‘SCAVENGER’ EP is due out for an early summer release, available a limited 7″ vinyl format on Distro-y Records.

Having spawned in 2006, PUTREFACTION, have been an unrelenting force within Crust, their base sound of raw hardcore blended with a harsh crustal death metal sound. The enraged outcome creates a post-apocalyptic sound of chemical wasteland that can surely only be described as ‘Mad Max’ Crust Punk. Fueled by society’s post and modern-day ills, PUTREFACTION resonate through the scene in line with the sounds of Hellshock and Skitsystem. Despite a sparse record history, with 2007’s punishing ‘Destroyers’ demo followed by their 2012-released ‘Blood Cult’ 12”, the band has earned a punishing name through the sheer power the trio can amass through their thrundling blackened sound which will gain momentum through this upcoming EP and the much anticipated follow up LP to ‘Blood Cult’. Following the release of ‘SCAVENGER’ EP, PUTREFACTION will tour abroad through Europe in 2015 for the first time on tour, with a limited number pressing for this tour with all artwork designed and printed by PUTREFACTION‘s guitar/vox Eric Twoheadeddog(RATS BLOOD/EASPA MEASA). PUTREFACTION will enter the Hive Studio with James Eager of Bacchus/Divisions Ruin to record ‘SCAVENGER’.

RATS BLOOD – LOW LIFE LP to be released on Distro-y

So by this stage some of you may or may not have heard we will be doing the RATS BLOOD LP. I for one am totally fucken stoked getting to release one of my favourite bands yet again. We just getting ready to send this beast off to press at the moment… Read more

Distro-y the LABEL, Future of Distro-y

I think there was alot of confusion as to what was the faith of Distro-y even with myself. However as I had outlined from the start I was closing the Distro with 30% Sale but the faith of the label was still up in the air. Now with a few new ideas and plans I have decided to keep battling on and keep the label running. With upcoming releases from Dropping Bombs, RATS BLOOD, PUTREFACTION and CROWS Read more

Rats Blood 7″ Out Now and Euro Tour

So after a long long wait RATS BLOOD – Punks Is Mutants 7″ is finally out. Muh Ha Ha ha
If you were lucky enough to grab a copy at RATS BLOOD gig with Integrity, you were lucky to get your hands on it if you were unfortunate to have to wait the extra I am sorry that you have had to miss out on the ‘Punks Is Mutants’ 7″ till now.

RATS BLOOD debut 7″ EP – ‘Punks Is Mutants’ is out now after releasing their demo tape which some copies still exist and if you are lucky to come across one get it!!  This 6 track 7″ of Raw Punk/D-beat from Dublin, Ireland is one of the rawest form of punk to come out of Ireland in along time, think Swedish style hardcore in the vein of Avskum, Totalitar and Anti-Cimex.

RATS BLOOD are heading off on tour in August/September:

Aug/29 Angers, France
Aug/30 Bordeaux, France
Aug/31 Barcelona, Spain
Sept/2 St.Etienne, France
Sept/3 Biel, Switzerland
Sept/4 TBA
Spet/5 TBA
Sept/6 TBA
Sept/7 Paris, France