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Upcoming Gigs – January 2023 Update

I could have written an update about December but fuck it, Christmas is here and not much is going to happen after this weekend so lets just say January!! This is the first one in a while I apologise sometimes I miss punk deadlines. Sorry!!Next thing support Irish punk go to gigs, support bands and […]

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Upcoming Punk Gigs: October

The updates have been lacking had been very busy apologies. Thank you to all those who came to GGI fest, it was great and hope everyone enjoy. Thank you to Conor and everyone who helped ut it was no easy under taking!! Gig updates I have tried to create something with a bit more substance […]

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Gig Update April (updated with GGI)

Updated with the special announcement of 16th GGI Fest in September 2022-Here is April gigs update if you don’t see a gig you are involved in lets us know, it is happening by writing to or just say Hi by emailing: giglistings@distroyrecords.comPunks Forever – Punks Abu APRIL999 (UK)01/04/2022 – 999 – Voodoo, Belfast02/04/2022 – 999 – […]

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**Updated** January Gig Update

**UPDATED** After originally posting this, 20minutes later an announcement came out that a gig will actually go ahead in January si head to Limerick on the 29th.Also more gigs were cancelled and rescheduled. New year no difference, lots more gigs cancelled/rescheduled which have been crossed out colour coded. Some promoters/bands haven’t posted anything yet that […]

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November Irish Gigs

So it seems I didn’t post November & December last month due to a typo error and nobody told me, tut tut, I have posted lots of new gigs November is starting to look busy, I have tried to group gigs. I have also used a calendar on Google calendar (how DIY of me) you […]

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