Dublin melodic punks GRIT are gathering pace fast despite their short existence, having hooked the punk scene with their catchy 6 track demo. GRIT have seemingly came out of nowhere, with members of GRIT more known for their crust/hardcore punk bands of the past (Easpa Measa, Disvions Ruin, Putrefaction, Contort, Putrefaction, Burnchurch) With a sound resembling certain predecessors of early European hardcore punk with a slight oi! vibe. GRIT‘s socially charged female fronted straight-up punk rock that hits hard standing parallel with earlier punk of the late ’70s or early ’80s. Sharp cutting punk riffs driven by powerful beats with plenty of melody in vocals carried on a bed of choruses which ‘ouuhs’ and ‘aaahs’ in the background. (Irish Metal Archive)

Members: Clodagh, Eric, Bryneos, Sean, John

Members also played in: Easpa Measa, Rats Blood, Burnchurch, Contort, Divisions Ruin, Dropping Bombs, Dowth