Upcoming Irish Gigs

Irish Punk/Hardcore gigs and things of interest are listed below.
If you don’t see a gig you are involved in let us know, it is happening by writing to or just say Hi by emailing: giglistings@distroyrecords.com
Punks Forever – Punks Abu

We have improved the gig update system to make it more of an easily updated system, this uses google sheets and a little app we are now able to link up posters and further details
DATE – Bands – Venue – City – Details – Poster Image
We will also keep a record of all previous gigs so you can look up the list to find all those gigs you can’t remember who played at it when it was on, and what year it was on. in the upcoming weeks I will hopefully have these gigs listing available as a little app for your phone to pull up easily.
Upcoming gigs

Previous gigs