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D-Beat Beater is a news blog dedicated to spreading crust punk /hardcore news as there are not many spaces online covering this niche area of punk that has been the backbone of Distro-y Records.

Started in 2010 D-Beat Beater started as a one print issue zine that was a split zine with Protestzine. D-Beat Beater moved to an online news site, posting news of new/upcoming releases and a few reviews and other articles.
D-Beat Beater has taken many forms online through different mediums and is currently being published by a sign up mailing list. Which e-mails upcoming hardcore/crust punk news on upcoming releases.
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Website Under Construction

First off the webstore works so go visit it at Distrotable.com but the actual Distro-y website is a mess, I thought with the lockdown I would have had a good run at fixing it but nope. So while I fix this mess it will be a working website while under construction site so I am […]

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