August 13, 2019

Just to let people know the distro is closed pretty much for a year as have a lot on my plate and could not focus on distro and I tried to clear out as much stock as I could by putting on one last sale but as the distro and label were still active as I made this decision pretty much over night. Lots of items kept arriving into distro and other packages still keep arriving even months after the distro has ceased being active the webshop is still open and I still have 100s of different titles sitting on shelves. All orders will still be shipped out there is just no new stock coming in unless it is a new Irish release until 2020.

So the future and 2020, I plan on re-opening the distro in 2020 it maybe January 2020 or December not sure, but one thing is the distro will work under the name Distrotable hence the name as it is an online Distro/Merch Table, the reason for this is I plan to help a few others with distribution in the future and don’t want to be focusing it as Distro-y records distro as the future of the label is up in the air for now.

But in the meantime, I want to experiment a bit with €3.50 shipping within Ireland for all packages whether it be one 7″ or 20 xLPs shipping will be the exact same. So ya all orders still will support the distro and will go to paying off previous debts and building for the future distro once it starts up, I am not selling off records to pay for a beach house or new car or anything all money will go back into supporting the scene which I will talk about at a later date.

So in short distro not back until sometime 2020, lots of records still for sale, distro is called

Oh here is some records that arrived in late to distro that you should pick up, postage in Ireland is only €3.50

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