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October 7, 2020

First off the webstore works so go visit it at but the actual Distro-y website is a mess, I thought with the lockdown I would have had a good run at fixing it but nope. So while I fix this mess it will be a working website while under construction site so I am sorry for any errors you may come across but this is a post of an intent to finish it and what I vaguely want to achieve with it.

I plan to bring all the projects under the banner of Distro-y Records as in, I will build out this website to house all the info you need to know about the runnings of Distro-y Records, Distr-Oi! Records, Distrotable, D-Beat Beater, Absurd Merch, Irish Punk Fund and previous projects. I will also hopefully explain what everything is and how it all ties together and why all the different names and projects not that anyone cares but I presume somebody wonders what the hell is going on over here.

I also want to use it as an information source for the Irish punk and hardcore scene currently and of recent years as I think the label should be a resource or tool for everyone and had been posting upcoming gigs before the pandemic.

So this website will be the source of news on everything and will be also where all the main information will be held. As I update the site on an infrequent basis and make changes I will create a changelog to explain everything, not that anyone cares.

I encourage you to place this site in your RSS feed or add to Feedly or other news source. Follow Distro-y and everything else on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram….

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