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Help The Karate Club Dublin DIY Punk Space

October 13, 2020

The Karate Klub is a DIY space in Dublin which you may also know from the compilation 12″ it is an important part of the Irish punk scene and an integral part of the Dublin scene. But is faced with a large rent increase which threatens the space.
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“The Karate Club is a DIY practice and community space in Dublin that has existed for the last 13 years. It provides creative space to punks and likeminded musicians and artists. Completely member ran and funded, the output of the space cannot only be measured in rehearsal time and demo releases but in the ongoing uphold of a DIY community. 

Creative community space is important, now more than ever, as we face a future of ongoing uncertainty and austerity.

Like many spaces during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, our space has struggled to bring money into the space through our usual gigs, band practices and other fundraisers.

Recently our landlord has asked for 50% increase in our rent, with only 2 weeks left until our lease expires. While we negotiate for a longer lease to keep the space going, we ask our community both locally and internationally for help during this time.”
Donate throught Go Fund Me:

Distro-y has donated €100 from the Irish Punk Fund set up under Distro-y, the fund is only small currently but the aim of the fund is for the likes of this.

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