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Distro Arrivals: Kronstadt, Bakounine, Nueva Generación…

October 21, 2020

New in from French label Senseless Acts Of Anger ran by Manu of Litovsk and Bakounine and number one fan of The Freebooters. So got in a few release of primarily French bands, the aforementioned Bakounine, HININ, Kronstadt, Kial? and Nueva Generación, Mármol from Spain.

BAKOUNINE is a D-Beat crust band from Brittany, France, founded in 2007.
They are named after the Russian revolutionist and anarchist. Members of Ostavka,  Litovsk.
KRONSTADT offers some great punk-rock, heady and melancholic but also straightforward and catchy. A bunch of French punk bands from the 80’s may come to mind while listening to this. Check it out if you like catchy French punk!!!
HININ ‎– Hors-Jeu for those of you who love post punk a really cool band or more so duo from France who have progressive uptempo melancholic sound.
Kial? – Demo 7″ a 6 track raw d-beat band from Brittany, France with of members Bakounine, Usa La Tua Rabbia.
Nueva Generación / Mármol split 7″ – two very catchy melodic Spanish bands who compliment each other on this shared piece of wax

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