A Record Store… A Physical Record Store!!

June 18, 2021

On Saturday we opened the doors of the world to our little shop. We are based in Pulled studios, down Riverside in Sligo town (see the map below). Pulled Studio’s is the collective space which is where we run the label/distro out of and is also home to Pulled and Art For Blind Records among many other projects. The studio has a shop space and we thought to utilize this in no better way than opening up a Shop/Record Store for the day. Offering up everything we offer you all online but in a physical format.

We opened the shop on a last-minute decision as it was Record Store Day, and no we didn’t have some special RSD reissue of an old record. We had independent releases of DIY/Independent labels for sale from DIstro-y & Art For Blind to all the great local and international titles we carry. We thank those who turned up on the day and all the messages of support from far away. We hope to do this again in the future so watch this space for hopefully future opening and more news.

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