Bacchus were a DIY crust/hardcore band from Galway, Ireland. Formed in late 2007 . Blending Scandinavian style crust/hc with crushing slow/heavy parts & spacey reverb/delay soundscapes.

Bacchus – S/T 12″ (2011)(Distro-y Records, Contraszt! Records)
Bacchus / Burning The Prospect – Split ‎7″ (2009) (Suburban Mayhem)
Bacchus – Attica ‎CD, EP (2009) (Distro-y Records, Contraszt! Records)

Members: Conor Coakley, Jonathan Lynch, Tom Delaney, James Eager, Ex: Conor Hickey, Conor Garry

Associated Acts: Kidd Blunt, Divisions Ruin, Only Fumes And Corpses, GriefEater, Only Fumes And Corpses, The Ghostwood Project, Fight Like Apes, Nerdlinger, Trenches, Gummidge, Section 4, Alps, Yop, SHITHäTT