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June 21, 2019

Some of you may know I have done a bunch of other punk related projects over the years other than Distro-y one of these is a little blog called D-Beat Beater, which is site where I basically post news about Crust/Hardcore bands.

If you are only into the idea of checking out punk/hardcore/crust news go to if you want to know what it is about and history of scroll down and read.

I started it the print version many years ago, I think 2009 having run a single issue of a print version which was a split zine I did with Sean Protestzine who is an absolute hero and has helped out me and Distro-y on a number of occasions throughout the years. As mentioned the print edition did not last long the second issue was pretty much completed but never printed. I later moved the zine to an online format trying to bring news of punk, interviews with bands and reviews. I will admit it ain’t the most captivating journalism more of a copy and paste job and share extra snippets of info I will and link stories together.

For the last few months, D-Beat Beater was down and not working but I figured out how to rebuild it and keep all the old content. In the last week or so it has been up and running again. Things are starting to get posted again as I get back into the rhythm again.

So what’s next the idea is to create a space where you can go to figure all the latest news on everything happening in Punk, Hardcore and Crust and archiving news, in time I will bring other aspects of other of Distro-y into D-Beat Beater through distribution and linking of news of releases to how to best get the release. But the information created and spread through D-Beat Beater should not be confined to just the one site and to spread and make it available in other places such as other types of archives of some sort or wiki sites.

Anyway, D-Beat Beater is another extension of Distro-y that will help to deliver news and media and I promise everything will be tied up together along with the other parts of Distro-y that I will talk about at a later date and hopefully it will all make sense in the time to come. In the meantime, I am going to use D-Beat Beater to explore lots more new music like the new LARMA 12″ on Adult Crash FFO: Totalitär, Skitkids listen below and keep checking Distro-y website to see what I am going to add, 

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