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June 25, 2022

We are now on to our second issue of the Distrotable Freesheet, with it having made it to the second issue we thought we would talk about what it is and what the goal is for it.

What is it?
It is a single A4 sheet that is to be released monthly and will include upcoming gig listings and news from Distro-y Records, Distrotable arrivals and punk news in general new releases.

I was going to do up some glossy flyers but people will only take one look and throw it in the bin so I thought to add a bit of valuable information about upcoming punk gig listing(for all Ireland) which we publish on the Distro-y website anyway.

How to get it?
Ask me for a copy, order from the distro and will include a copy whether you want it or not.

To keep it consistently going for as long as possible. Turning it into a monthly newspaper on punk and also adding features you would find in a zine with the help of contributions of reviews and interviews and artwork (will hopefully have different cover artwork for each issue) and writings(columns, general punk writings, reciepes). Get in touch to submit.

So what are you waiting for order something from Distrotable to get your copy!!!

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