Distrotable: New Arrivals: Rat Cage, Soakie, Muro, Big Cheese,

April 30, 2020

Just landed in yesterday, Soakie from New York and Melbourne have released a MLP of raspy vocals think Rudimentary Peni belting out anthems like ‘Boys On Stage’, From Sheffield, UK the one man band Rat Cage is here with a debut 12″ which will be on a lot of people top 10 this year check out ‘Screams from The Cage’ sticking with one man bands Fuil Na Seanchoille one-man raw black metal from Cormy of Geld, Kromosom, Nuclear Death Terrror…. The Crossing has gotten vinyl treatment, Fried / EM think a mid 70’s snotty oozing punk in the vein of Circle Jerks, Cold Meat snarky bouncy melodic amped up approach to 70s punk, Big Cheese have been pinnacle of the New Wave Of British Hardcore with their debut 12″ point being. Get ready two be flatten a split 12″ by the mightiest of all possible pairings as Bogotá, Colombia’s MURO and Mallorca’s ORDEN MUNDIAL share some wax highly recommended!!!

Restocks: Lux – New Day 7″, Rixe – Collection 12″ and Disclose – Nightmare or Reality 12″ there is a good reason I have restocked these.

Wondering about shipping during the pandemic have also listed out ever changing information on postage: https://distrotable.com/blogs/news/covid-19-ordering-shipping

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