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Irish Punk Of The Year Award 2023

May 25, 2023

Last Saturday night was Grit last Irish gig a great night with people literally hanging out of the rafters, very sad to see Grit finish they have had a huge influence on the Irish punk scene over the last few years. They have one gig left in Nantes in France in September!!

I was also shocked when Mick from An Slua made a presentation to me in the middle of the gig with an Irish Punk of The Year Award 2023 with a framed Subhumans poster and a frame photo of me with Irish Punk of The Year 2023 he claims it was the best photo of me he could find even though I am missing some of my front teeth. It was really was a surprise and left me speechless. Thank you Mick and everyone else involved. Can’t wait for the Irish Punk Oscar next year, can’t wait to see who wins.

Although this maybe shamelessly ego posting none of this would be possible without everyone’s continued support. I am currently working on a few new projects that will be really amazing and hopefully make punk even more available to a lot more people more info on this soon.

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  1. Just wondering if you got my payment of eu46 odd for 6 copies of new Sympos HARD AS NAILS 7”…just realised wb out of country in Fortaventura roasting my arse for 9 days come Tuesday afternoon so hoping they’d have arrived by then maybe?

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