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New Arrivals: Ekulu, Circle Jerks, Reckoning Force

February 28, 2022

NEW ARRIVALS CIRCLE JERKS “WILD IN THE STREETS: 40TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION” deluxe, 40th-anniversary edition release includes remastered audio by Pete Lyman, a 20-page booklet that features rare photos, flyers, testimonials, and a very detailed history of “Wild In The Streets” by writer/journalist Chris Morris. It also includes three live, bonus tracks from the band’s 1982 show at the Elite Club in San Francisco. Sorry about the price it’s a US import. THE NILZ – UNICORN HARDSPOTS Dublin based scruffy Irish of Punk Rock entertainment EKULU “UNSCREW MY HEAD” The best interpretation of “Best Wishes”-era Cro-Mags since “Best Wishes”-era Cro-Mags. DRAIN – CALIFORNIA CURSED LP As the new blood of Santa Cruz hardcore punk, DRAIN has a fiery metal-tinged thrashing hardcore sound, COCK SPARRER – SHOCK TROOPS LP an absolute classic FREEWILL “SUN RETURN melodic hardcore band from Southern California that originally formed in the late-’80s RECKONING FORCE – BROKEN STATE 12″ holding down their early 80s USHC roots, the band’s European debts will doubtfully go unnoticed. Wrapping up in under 18 minutes, the record is driven by angry and infectious vocals. THE DIVIDING LINE “OWE YOU NOTHING” unashamed hardcore blending the raw aggression of ’80s-era hardcore punk and moral defiance of early-’00s straight edge. VANGUARD “RAGE OF DELIVERANCE” unapologetically vegan/leftist band of metallic hardcore.

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