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New Release: Bleakness Words/Greed

December 11, 2023

This new 7″ by Paris Dark punkers BLEAKNESS features two unreleased songs from the last album studio session, they were put on hold to get the spotlight they deserve, as the band is already working on new material it was time to release them. A side song “Words” is the last song the band wrote before entering the studio, it is another death-rock anthem while B side “Greed” is based on riffs written during the bands’ first ever european tour years ago, it is remeniscents of the early 80’s melancholic socal California hardcore punk scene . With both songs gathered together, this 7″ is a good summary of the musical spectre of the band between hardcore and punk post, more energetic than ever and for sure with a heavy done of guitar melancholy.

Also hope for Bleakness to come to Ireland in 2024 as we plan to do a little Distro-y Fest called Distro-y The Night details to come

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