DY042: Harvester – Harmonic Ruptures LP

Stoner riff wizards HARVESTER are one of heavy music’s finest bubbling in the underground. The Galway, Ireland psychedelic stoner outfit are back after four years with their full length Harmonic Ruptures putting heavier tones under their mind bending riffs. 

Effortless blending sounds of a band rich in influences which they have no problem harvesting, melding and molding into their own fantastical trek of fuzzed out, crushing Thin Lizzy-esque rock. The group’s music with blistering riffs full of sorcery that travels on a melody of rock’n’roll and Guinness. Constantly re-imagining a different path with an unexpected note and an unforeseen next chord in the sequence. HARVESTERS uptempo and high energy epic fuzzes through at a driving pace only picking up with every lick that morphs into solos of unyielding proportions. HARVESTERS imposing harmonics are to cause ruptures in the near future that will split open the earth’s mantle revealing the transparent orange glow there music is delivered on.
Recorded by James Eager at The Hive Studios, Kilcoole.
Mastered by James Plotkin.
Artwork by Emmett Connell.

“ if you like riffs, melody and great guitar solos you should really give Harmonic Ruptures a spin” –Echoes and Dust
“spellbinding and thrilling album to listen to”  Outlaws Of The Sun
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