DY046: Rats Blood – UGLY 7”

RATS BLOOD have emerged to offer up some more ugly mutant punk on a new EP to follow up their sold out debut ‘Low Life’ LP. The new 7″ titled ‘UGLY’, which is out later this summer and will contain 6 new blasting tracks of scandinavian influenced hardcore punk from one of Irelands finest punk outfits. RATS BLOODS raw aggressive hardcore that will leave blisters on your eardrums with pummeling drums to boot your cauliflower ears. You and your ugly ears will be ready to join the Punks Is Mutants crew shouting the chorus of the darkness social realities we live in. With the record wrapped up in some ‘UGLY’ looking artwork from Two Headed Dog Art. Recorded at The Hive by James Eager and Mastered by Enormous Door. Rats Blood will be the beating heart beat of the Irish and European punk scene.