DY052: Pozoga – Wolfpack Attack 7”

POZOGA international punk consortium via Dublin, is making their second appearance on vinyl, as they have already came out on the Karate Klub Compilation record which came out last month. This time they are flying solo with 6 track 7″, 5 of their own and a cover of Spanish band from the eighties called RIP titled ‘No Hay Futuro’.

POZOGA which is Polish for ‘Conflagration’ and is what they try to do with their sound as this wildling front Dublin hardcore act rip through with a driving distorted sound that will destroy everything in a big ball of flames.

Release Date: November 15, 2017

“We got us a ripper right here. ” – Maximum RocknRoll
“solid, old school, break-your-neck UK inspired hardcore.” Sanctus Propaganda
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