DY064: An Slua – How Ya Getting On? 7″

Debut 7″ from this Galway,Ireland. Oi! boys. 4 track of pure classic Oi! sound in the vein of Red Alert or The Oppressed wich means you never get tired of, in addition of some darker french 80s Oi! riffs also. Full of chorus, some melodic guitars around, strong bass lines, direct vocals…what more you need these days for an Oi! band? Just perfect, back to the 80s lad! No more to say.

Artwork by Sean Fitzgerald 

“Irish fockin’ Oi! Enough said!”Maximum RocknRoll
“upbeat thug rock for intelligent skins’n’punks”Louder Than War
“thuggish old school sound and a more melodic modern twist, filled with fresh ideas” DIY Conspiracy
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