DY666: Bar Tape – S/T LP

Following up their split with Flagpolers (members of An Slua). The Dublin 4 piece bring a gnarly melodic punk rock sound full to the brim with a catchy skate punk, full of harmonies that just fill your head with an earworm that will keep bringing you back to the bar for a refreshing dose of Bar Tape.

Full of familiar face of DIY underground punk in Dublin, bringing a punk energy and humour that really captures the joy and fun of punk rock with a sound similar to early Hot Water Music, Latterman and Dillinger Four

“If you enjoyed Propagandhi in their early years, fellow Canadians I-Spy or like Dillinger Four this will get your pints flowing. ” –Louder Than War
“By the third song.. …the lads have already lost their voices, in the best way possible”  – Maximum RocknRoll
Bar Tape makes sing along punk songs full of hooks that also manage to sound hard. “Upstarter
“the real jewels on this one are mid tempo emotional hitters”Kraykulla
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