Website ReBuild

November 22, 2019

I thought during the time that I stopped the distro would enable time to rebuild a new site but never got me there just gave me the time to think.

So the idea is to link all the projects under the Distro-y website and link them all in together so everything works together to help off each other. So what projects are these I will explain each project and their focus in the coming weeks but what to expect stuff from:
Distrotable – The Distro website/distribution/fulfillment
Distro-y – the label crust/punk
Distr-Oi! – the label Oi!/Punk
D-Beat Beater – Crust//Punk and D-Beat news site
Absurd Merch – Merchandise/T-Shirt

The website will be overhauled to encompass everything and give as much information as possible of plans as to keep you involved in what you are supporting when you support these projects.

These are the main projects everything will be explained on what they are in a few weeks so keep following the blog and support our project through

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