WhatsApp Distro Updates Group

January 21, 2022

You ever wonder why some records are sold out before they even are on the distro, we have a Facebook group where we post what is coming into distro but I know some of you don’t use Facebook or want to use it less including me, so we are setting up a Whatsapp group

A few people get me to send what is new directly through text messages, I think most people use WhatsApp so going to create a little group on that and will just send out info on that and just a photo of what arrived in that day and a quick link

If you want this just message me on WhatsApp 0863881005

If you are outside of Ireland and want to be in the group Irish area code is 00353 if you have issue just message me and will sort it with you.

I will be the only one able to reply so you don’t get other people’s messages and you can mute it if you find notifications annoying, I know thats what I do if I find Whatsapp groups annoying but you can check messages anytime you are wondering what is new.

Also I am aware that Facebook parent company ‘Meta’, as it is now known, owns Whatsapp but it is supposedly a bit less intrusive.

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