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Bartape Debut LP Out Soon

December 14, 2022

Distro-y Records and EpiFat Records bring you the debut LP from Bar Tape. Following up their split with Flagpolers (members of An Slua). The Dublin 4 piece bring a gnarly melodic punk rock sound full to the brim with a catchy skate punk, full of harmonies that just fill your head with an earworm that will keep bringing you back to the bar for a refreshing dose of Bar Tape.

Full of familiar face of DIY underground punk in Dublin, bringing a punk energy and humour that really captures the joy and fun of punk rock with a sound similar to early Hot Water Music, Latterman and Dillinger Four. This is a enjoyable record and will be the best way to start 2023 when it lands in January pre-orders soon.

PS The flyer still has me in stitches except a lot more from Bar Tape both musically and satirically punktastic puns.

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    1. Hi Jeff.
      If you contact Bar Tape on our Instagram or email, we will be able to get one shipped to you cheap enough. We will have copies in NYC that’ll be ready to send around the time of the release.

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