Distrotable Social Media

April 20, 2021

So cause of being an idiot of sorts, I gave the distro webshop the name Distrotable.com a few years ago obviously trying to cash in on the dot com bubble that burst 20 years previous, to be honest I can’t remember why but I see it as an easy website to remember. Anyway it seems to have stuck many people have been refering to Distro-y as Distrotable of recent. So with that I have decided to changed some social media around to Distrotable the instagram page will now be just Distrotable and have set up a new Facebook page please ‘like and subscribe’ as they say in youtube land to get all of the spam of what new in the distro and I guess news on new music. The Facebook page is here!!

This post is just simply explaining the messing of yet another page to follow as I fill the bloated spam machine of Facebook with more advertising anyway that said and a thank you for your patience here is a 10% off code for distro until the end of April at checkout enter code: DISTROTABLE

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