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New Arrivals: Red Fang, Integrity, Full Of Hell, Genghis Tron

May 3, 2021

We got in a bunch of stuff from Relapse including a few t-shirts of GISM and Death we also still have records of each band incase you already got the t-shirt. BONGZILLA – AMERIJUANICAN 12″ Blending industrial-sized, vertigo-inducing riffs with a sludgy, fuzzy crunch and hedonistic, yet harassed message, the single-minded quartet burn with a bad ass bent reserved for rock and roll titans. GENGHIS TRON make their return with their highly anticipated new album, Dream Weapon! A melding of hypnotic rhythms and densely layered synth soundscapes. With Portland, OR Stoner rock Red Fang are releasing a new LP next month we thought we would get in some of their other records Red Fang – Only Ghosts 12″ Red Fang – Whales and Leeches 12″( if you are looking for copies of their new ‘Arrows’ LP hit us up)  One of the most influential bands in hardcore and modern metal history, apocalyptic heavy music icons INTEGRITY’s2x12″ ‘Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume’ also in theMetallic horror trailblazers INTEGRITY join forces with cult US black metal horde KRIEGfor an unearthly split recording. We got in two 12″s by The Dillinger Escape Plan CALCULATING INFINITY 12″ & Miss Machine 12″ A colossal cacophony of soul-searing vocals, pile-driving riffs, unorthodox percussive punishment, and scattershot speed. 
Back in Stock Full of Hell – Weeping Choir 12″ Dynamic, pissed, and wholly urgent, the highly anticipated Weeping Choir is a definitive statement of intent by one of the underground’s most dynamic and virulent entities.PRIMITIVE MAN return with the extreme ‘Immersion’ an endless corridor of horrid screaming, blast beats, and a formidable low end.

There was copies of Zouo AGONY憎悪REMAINS 12″ on Grey vinyl & S.H.I. 4 死 DEATH 12″on red vinyl available for pre-order and their release day but we sold out of them real quick will be hopefully ordering more copies alongside the new Red Fang LP ‘Arrows’ let us know if you are interested in copies.

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