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Dropping Bombs – S/T Download Benefit

May 17, 2024

With Dropping Bombs back after 10 very long years, with a gig this weekend in Bohs, Dublin and the vinyl release of their S/T LP. The band alongside Distro-y Records have upload the album in full on to bandcamp to stream and download with all proceeds going as a benefit to Palestine.

Later this summer will see a physical release of Dropping Bombs LP on Distro-y Records it will be on colour and black vinyl 12″ with pre-order coming very soon. For now head over to bandcamp and donate to: https://distro-yrecords.bandcamp.com/music

As mentioned Dropping Bombs are back with a sold out show this weekend in Bohs, Dublin alongside The Restarts(UK), Bartape, Rant and more The Restarts are also playing Sunday as well with a limited number of tickets available( https://buytickets.at/bohs20 )

For those unfamiliar with Dropping Bombs they were one of the great bands with a turn of the century hardcore sound that were as tight a live band that filled with lots of chug in these twisting and turning and stoppy starty complex tunes played at rapid pace. Dropping Bombs transcended between the different cliches of punk with in Ireland treading a line between melodic punk and crust, with hard hitting yet poetic political lyrics and gruff yet melodic vocals, they channel bands like Econochrist or Avail. Imagine if Propaghandi or Strike Anywhere had come from Dublin.

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