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Dropping Bombs To Release LP on Distro-y Records

March 15, 2024

Having last played way back in 2015 Dropping Bombs are back with the announcement of gigs the first with The Restarts in Bohs Bar as part of 20 years of Bohs gig celebrations.

We recently came across the masters of the Dropping Bombs LP that never made it to press and had approached the lads about the possibility of releasing their debut LP nearly 10 years after it was recorded with the possibility of a few gigs to coincide the release. Dropping Bombs were not only on for the idea but had already been chatting between themselves about a few gigs this year.

For those unfamiliar with Dropping Bombs they were one of the great bands with a turn of the century hardcore sound that were as tight a live band that filled with lots of chug in these twisting and turning and stoppy starty complex tunes played at rapid pace. Dropping Bombs transcended between the different cliches of punk with in Ireland treading a line between melodic punk and crust, with hard hitting yet poetic political lyrics and gruff yet melodic vocals, they channel bands like Econochrist or Avail. Imagine if Propaghandi or Strike Anywhere had come from Dublin.

Dropping Bombs – S/T LP will be released on Distro-y Records later this summer, the artwork is getting some finishing touches and will be sent to press shortly. Keep checking Distrotable.com for pre-order and other Dropping Bombs news. Tickets for Dropping Bombs gig alongside the Restarts will be available the end of next week. In the meantime you can listen to the epic ‘Common Loss’ off the LP which clocks in just under 12 minutes of some of the finest hardcore from Dublin

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