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Irish Punk Gig Update 14th March

March 14, 2024

Lots of gig news featured below some exciting news with the announcement of The Restarts playing a weekender gig in Bohs plus some very special guests an Irish Band which will have their first gig in 8 years….. not announcing it here but you can check in here tomorrow Friday14th March at 12:00. We will also have even more news on this band soon as well so this is a really exciting news. Send your guesses by email to: irishpunkgigs@gmail.com

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Hubert Selby Jr. Infants have released “Have You Ever Been A Crow​.​.​Or An Eel?” on vinyl on Scene Report Records  post hardcore abrasive melodies from veterans of the DIY scene. Get your copy here 

3 touring US bands all on one night Angel Du$t, Gouge Away, Teenage Wrist all in the Opium, Dublin at the end of June.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am Priced at €25.50 (Tickets here). For those unfamiliar Angel Du$t featuring members of (Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile) have an eclectic sound of punk, hardcore, pop punk that I am sure if you dont like the first song of their they will have something you really like. You can get order/listen Angel Du$t latest album ‘Brand New Soul’ on Distrotable. Gouge Away bring a grungey hardcore sound and also release a new LP on Deathwish Inc. tomorrow. 

Waterford watch out for a night of hardcore with Strong Boys, Mana and Special Branch playing Luca Records, Luca Record shop have been putting on lots of gigs over the last year and more importantly lots of punk gigs with this night of hardcore with some of the best around. Highly recommend checking this gig and Luca Records out if you haven’t already.
For those of you in Tullamore and surrounds looking for post hardcore abrasion melodies Hubert Selby Jr. Infants (who also play Luca with Bloody Head in April) play John Lee’s bar along side Carpark Sci-Fi and Fierce Shook. This is free in so you have no excuse. tell a friend and bring a crowd to ensure more gigs in Tullamore.
Here is the gig listing, you can also see up to date versions of the listings on the Distro-y Records website

DATE Bands Venue City Details
22-Mar-2024 Immaculate Deception, Porphyria, The Inflatable Dolls & Talking Knives Fibber Magees Dublin free In
22-Mar-2024 Menace (UK), Menofpause, The Gakk Toales Bar Dundalk €10
23-Mar-2024 The Flex, Strong Boys, Special Branch, Goon Bohs Bar Dublin €10 on the door
23-Mar-2024 Menace, Attila The Stockbroker, The Dubtones, Brain Donation, 50 Foot Woman The Grand Social Dublin Gig being recorded for live at the Social 3 Tickets.ie
23-Mar-2024 United Bottles, MUCKER ,LOWLIFES B.C Oh Yeah Music Centre Belfast Tickets
25-Mar-2024 Sunn O))) National Concert Hall Dublin
27-Mar-2024 Ancient Emblem, Genuflection, Peer Pleasure, Clagarnach The Cellar Galway 10 euro on the door
28-Mar-2024 Ancient Emblem, Dead Men From Mars Luca Records & Decks Waterford Price €8.10 Tickets
29-Mar-2024 Ancient Emblem, Okus, Native, Uncultivates Daylight, Glasnevin Dublin €10 BYOB
29-Mar-2024 Chewie, Burning Realm Workmans Dublin Tickets €15
29-Mar-2024 Tbc Tbc Balllina New venue details soon
29-Mar-2024 The Gaslight Anthem, Emily Wolfe 3Olympia Dublin SOLD OUT
30-Mar-2024 The Gaslight Anthem, Emily Wolfe 3Olympia Dublin Ticketmaster.com €50.30
30-Mar-2024 Ramones Tribute, No Matter, Brian Young, Goon Squad The Sanctuary Theatre Belfast Tickets
11-Apr-2024 Bloody Head(UK), Hubert Selby Jr Infants, Creepy Future. Anseo Dublin €10, 8pm
12-Apr-2024 Bloody Head (UK), Hubert Selby Jr Infants, Bar Tape, Mopehead Watch tower McHugh’s Drogheda €10
13-Apr-2024 BLOODY HEAD W/ HUBERT SELBY JUNIOR INFANTS Luca Records & Decks Waterford Tickets: €10
19-Apr-2024 Half Naked, A Dead Human, Scundered,Church House Creepers Fibber Magees Dublin Free admin
20-Apr-2024 Carpark Sci-Fi, Hubert Selby Jr. Infants, Fierce Shook John Lee’s Tullamore Free Entry
3-May-2024 Strong Boys, Special Branch, Mana Luca Records & Decks Waterford Tickets €15
11-May-2024 The Outcasts, The Brian Young Band, The Defects The Nerve Centre Derry
17-May-2024 Easy Company Thomas House Dublin €10
18-May-2024 The Outcasts, The Brian Young Band, The Defects The Court House Bangor
18-May-2024 The Restarts, Trouble Pilgrims plus more Bohs Bar Dublin all dayer 4 till late
19-May-2024 The Restarts plus more Bohs Bar Dublin all ages afternoon gig
25-May-2024 GBH, Paranoid Visions, The Scuntz Whelans Dublin Tickets €22.50
7-Jun-2024 Il Sogno Del Marinaio ft. Mike Watt The Grand Social Dublin €17.50 Tickets
15-Jun-2024 The Outcasts, The Brian Young Band, The Defects The Grand Social Dublin
28-Jun-2024 the Undertones Dolan’s Warehouse Limerick Tickets
28-Jun-2024 Angel Du$t, Gouge Away, Teenage Wrist Opium Dublin Tickets: €25.50(Incl. Booking Fee) go on sale Friday 15th March
4-Jul-2024 Public Serpents, Jobseekers, R.P.C., 50 Foot Woman Pharmacia Limerick €10
5-Jul-2024 Public Serpents, Jobseekers, R.P.C. Thomas House Dublin €10
6-Jul-2024 Public Serpents, Jobseekers, R.P.C., Frayed Ends Voodoo Belfast £15
7-Jul-2024 Dropkick Murphys The Iveagh Gardens Dublin Tickets
13-Jul-2024 Crust / Hardcore fest to celebrate the 20th anniversary of DIY Gigs at Bohs Bohs Bar Dublin all dayer 4 till late
14-Jul-2024 Crust / Hardcore fest to celebrate the 20th anniversary of DIY Gigs at Bohs Bohs Bar Dublin All Ages 3 to 9
30-Jul-2024 Gogol Bordello Limelight 1 Belfast Price £35 Tickets
31-Jul-2024 Gogol Bordello The Academy Dublin Price €44.20 Tickets
17-Aug-2024 Stiff Little Fingers, The Damned, The Skids, Problem Patterns, DJ Terri Hooley Custom House Square Belfast Tickets: £42.50
VIP Tickets: £58.50
17-Aug-2024 United Bottles, An Slua, Takers N Users, Easy Company, Crackhead Control Oh Yeah Music Centre Belfast Tickets
17-Aug-2024 The Outcasts Limelight 2 Belfast Pre- Custom House Square gig
24-Oct-2024 The Kicks(France) Venue (TBC) Galway
25-Oct-2024 The Kicks(France) Fred Zeppelins Cork
26-Oct-2024 The Oppressed, The Kicks(France), United Bottles Bohs Bar Dublin The Oppressed first Irish gig since 2016
27-Oct-2024 The Kicks(France) Luca Records & Decks Waterford Tickets €15
31-Oct-2024 Therapy? 3Olympia Dublin Price €39.20. Tickets
2-Nov-2024 Therapy? Ulster Hall Dublin £35.50 Tickets

This list is constantly changing as band pull out and get added to gigs, gigs get cancelled. If you know of a gig please let us know. I will make improvements based on your comments and how easy I can implement them somethings can take a while as I look for the easiest and fastest way. 

We run a label/distro selling lots of punk records and merch from Sligo we do a newsletter there also. I am going to post at the end of each email a quick link to recent newsletters from the distro which shows new releases, top selling records and lots more news from the world of punk the idea is to help breakdown lots of new and old punk music and help you find something you may not have yet come across. Click images below to explore. 


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