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Grief Eater – S/T 12″ Out Now

February 4, 2021

Out now Friday (05/Feb/2021) see’s the release of Grief Eater – S/T 12″ on Distro-y Records. A long time in the making due to the pandemic situation. The records are done and put together and available for pre-order the release this Friday.

Delivering a deep dark hardcore sound that stems into a sludge/doom-laden sound ala Noothgrush/Grief that has abrasive crust sound of Morne/Agrimonia. Grief Eater offers up 5 atmospherically charged tracks that toll desolation across their harsh yet urgent ambiance. Housed in the unsettling bleak graphic of Russian artist Vergvoktre.

You can order Grief Eater – S/T 12″ from our webstore distrotable.com Distro-y Bandcamp or Grief Eater bandcamp.

Pressed on 300 black vinyl this is the first release Distro-y has done using the Irish Punk Fund we started. The release will contribute to the fund.

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