Irish Punk Fund

June 21, 2020

With the pandemic I stopped all plans of releases cause who knew what would happen now things are hopefully becoming a bit more normal again. It’s time to help the scene getting going again and with that I want to introduce of an Irish Punk Fund to help bands get their releases out there.

So the idea behind the fund is using the money from any Irish release sold on distrotable.com to be used to fund new and future releases. So by buying Irish punk releases you will help fund Irish releases and directly fund your local punk scene. All money from Irish Distro-y Release will contribute to the fund and all money from any Irish releases being distributed will go into the fund.

I want to make sure that everyone can see their contribution to the fund and with that said. I will have a progress bar on how far off the release is from being funded I will update the progress bar probably weekly different goals depending on each release if funding a 12″ its going to be bigger goal than a 7″.

The idea is a work in progress and is totally open to suggestion and comments. So support Irish Punk and Hardcore check out what we have in stock: https://distrotable.com/collections/irish-punk

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