New Release Coming Soon Grief Eater 12″

July 27, 2020

Lets try and get things back on track despite the whole pandemic with some bleak hefty sounds from Grief Eater as they release their debut 12″ later this year.

Grief Eater based between Dublin and Galway, whose debut will land later this year as a 12″ featuring (ex)members of Bacchus, Unyielding Love, Only Fumes and Corpses, Them Martyrs, Destriers,. Bringing us 5 tracks of dooming dark hardcore housed in the unsettling images of Russian artist Vergvoktre.

You can check out all of Grief Eaters debut release below:

Grief Eater were due to be playing a few gigs this coming weekend with Conan and Slomatics which has since been postponed due to the Covid pandemic.

…And of course there are other releases we are working on for both Distro-y and Distr-Oi! as well more info soon

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